Congress of Arabization


The establishment of the Bureau for the Coordination of Arabization, hereafter referred to as the BCA, in 1961 is itself a result of the first Congress of Arabization. Since its inception, the BCA has held 11 Arabization congresses, and ratified over 61 glossaries and dictionaries relating to various artistic, social, and scientific domains. In addition, the BCA has mobilized resources to produce, study, validate, and disseminate over 70 research papers and publications on the Arabic language, Arabization, and the Arabic terminology field.

The BCA Internal laws stipulate the organization of the Arabization Congress, hereafter referred to as the CoA, in articles 6, 7, and 8:

  1. 1. The BCA shall hold an Arabization congress at least once each three years in an Arabophone country at the invitation of the Director-General of the Arab League´s Cultural, Educational and Scientific Organization ALECSO. The main objective of the congress is to study the research publications and propositions submitted to the BCA, in relation to Arabization and the evolution of the Arabic language at the scientific and cultural levels, and issue appropriate decisions on these initiatives.
  2. 2. The BCA shall invite the following representatives to attend and actively participate in the work of the CoA:
    1. a. Representatives of the governments of the Arabophone countries.
    2. b. Representatives from the following organizations :
      1. i.  Language academies, universities and the Arab Scientific Union
      2. ii. Organizations and scientific bodies concerned with the topics presented
      3. iii. Scientists and linguists who are invited in their respective personal capacity.
  3. 3. The BCA shall inform the participating Arabophone countries and all relevant bodies about the decisions taken at the CoA and any appropriate follow-up necessary.

Rationale behind the organization of the CoA

General rationale:
The very rationale behind the organization of the CoA stems from the founding principles of the BCA. More precisely, Article (4) of BCA internal laws stipulates that the BCA’s main vocation is to ensure that issues related to the Arabic language are identified, and that linguistic, lexicographical, and terminological updates of Arabic are constantly pursued so as to ensure that the language reflects the modern developments in all fields, and that it responds to the growing demands of society.

Objectives of the CoA:

  1. 1. Coordination of efforts to expand the use of the Arabic language teaching in all phases and types of education, as well as in the cultural domain and the media.
  2. 2. Tracking the movement of Arabization and scientific development of the Arabic language and civilization in the Arabophone world and beyond, through collecting studies on this subject and publishing/publicizing them.
  3. 3. Coordination of efforts to enrich the Arabic language and to standardize the terminology of modern scientific terminology and civilization in the Arabophone world by all possible means.

Specific steps:
Article (5) specifies the specific steps the BCA ought to take to ensure that CoA are held and the delivery on the aforementioned objectives and tasks

  1. 1. Tracking the productions of language academies and research institutions, scientists, writers and translators and collecting them so as to ensure harmonization and consistency before presenting them to the CoA.
  2. 2. Maintaining a close and intact cooperation with language academies, research and educational organizations, scientific and cultural development agencies in the Arabophone countries.
  3. 3. Organizing thematic seminars and study days on Arabic language issues
  4. 4. Producing and publishing a periodical magazine to publicize BCA and ALECSO activities.
  5. 5. Publishing dictionaries that have been approved by the CoA.