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N°5 - FEBRUARy 2016

Nobody denies nowadays the fact that the Arab world faces ICT knowledge challenges that require reflection upon the position of the Arabic language and its use on the internet. In this regard, statistics show that amongst the billion internet users, there are 535 million users in English versus 445 million users in Chinese, while Arabic ranks seventh with 65 million users; i.e. 8.3% of the total internet users around the globe.


N°4 - January 2015

Sun is the main source of energy in our solar system. The amount of energy it produces in one day or less equals or exceeds that produced by other energy sources in a year or more. Yet the challenge that still faces mankind is finding the way to compile and store this energy and use it when needed.


N°3 - MAY 2014

The Arabic linguistic literature has been able to accumulate many recommendations, worksheets and formal legislation, to develop courses and to perceive teaching methods and acquisition of language skills. However, most of them remained imprisoned in reports and were not implemented, since the political choice remained in control of linguistic engineering with its multiple economic, information, educational and technical fields.


N°2 - July 2013

The intense development taking place in the world today has been accompanied by the emergence of many new concepts and ideas that have found their way into modern languages, above all in technical and scientific fields, making it necessary to create new terms in the Arabic language. For a range of reasons, perhaps the most important of which is the difference in source languages, these new terms have differed from region to region. The unification of terminology has therefore become essential in order to prepare a linguistic groundwork able to keep up with modern development.


N°1 - DeCember 2012

The Arabic specialized language is currently facing a terminology crisis in the area of scientific exchange with regard to appropriate, precise, coherent, and complex Arabic equivalents. Why else would most Arab universities use English or French to teach science and technology, why do numerous companies and institutions use foreign terms in their operations?