Arabization Coordination Bureau

The Arabization Coordination Bureau (BCA) is an Arab institution specialized in coordinating the efforts of Arab countries in the arabization of modern terminology. It aims to effectively contribute to finding better methods to employ the Arabic language in everyday life, in all levels of education, and in all activities pertaining to culture, science, and media, in addition to monitoring the arabization movement in all scientific and technical fields.

The Bureau was established based on the recommendations of the first arabization conference which took place in Rabat in 1961, and was subsequently given a place in the General Secretariat of the Arab League in March 1969. In July 1970, the Arab League Educational, Cultural, and Scientific Organization (ALECSO) was set up as a specialized agency in the framework of the Arab League, and the decision was taken to make the BCA a subsidiary institution of ALECSO in May 1972.

The BCA counts with an advisory council comprised of terminology experts and distinguished academics from several Arab countries. This council carries out a role of guidance and examines the topics carefully chosen and presented by the Bureau or by the Director General of ALECSO.

Upon the initiative of the Director General of ALECSO, the BCA holds arabization conferences at least once every three years in a certain Arab country. During these conferences, the Bureau presents its research and suggestions regarding arabization and the development of the Arabic language, which are then brought forward for discussion and decision. An invitation to participate in this event is extended to representatives from Arab countries’ governments, language academies, and universities, in addition to eminent scientists and linguists who are personally invited. After each conference, the Bureau communicates the decisions taken to all Arab countries and related commissions, and then supervises the implementation of these decisions.

Team BCA

Abdelfettah Lahjomri
“The online modern dictionary ARABTERM enhances the work of the Bureau in the standardization of terminology and contributes to its enrichment in the technical as well as industrial fields, thus contributing to the evolution of the terminological knowledge in the Arab World.”

Abdelfattah Lahjomri is the Director of the Bureau of Coordination of Arabization (BCA), and a Professor of General and Compared Literature at Hassan II University, Casablanca.

Iman Alnaser
“ARABTERM project is a quantum leap in disseminating and promoting the Arabic unified terms by utilizing modern communication technology, in line with BCA's aspirations towards development and modernization.”

Iman Alnaser (M.A) is responsible of the Unit of Lexicographical and Terminological Studies at BCA since 2001.

Said Cherkani Hassani
“This project is relevant to my occupation as a curator of a terminology library, as it allows me to discover very helpful improvements with regard to e-networking.”

Said Cherkani (B.A) joined the BCA as its curator in 2001.

Maria Chouiyakh
“ARABTERM allows its users to translate terms into four languages. We are in need of such projects, especially for the translation of technical terms during seminars and conferences.”

Maria Chouiyakh (B.A), BCA’s Program Coordinator since 2001.

Lina Malouli Idrissi
“ARABTERM plays an essential role in the field of standardization of technical as well as industrial terminology. It contributes to the elimination of the linguistic obstacles experts come across, due to lack or absence of updated and unified equivalents.”

Lina Idrissi (M.A), Coordination and Monitoring Responsible at BCA since 2013.

Driss Kasimi
“Favorably, ARABTERM will contain a linguistic observatory platform that will continuously feed in new updated terms.”

Driss Kasimi (State Engineer) joined the BCA in 1999 as an IT administrator of the Linguistic Observatory and the Terminological Bank.