ARABTERM has conducted a monitoring activity from November 26th, 2013 to January 13th, 2014 on the basis of a questionnaire targeting technical professionals from five Arab countries. (see 2nd survey).

Based on the answers of the participants to the question : “ to what extent has ARABTERM facilitated your work on technical texts?” and as illustrated by the map below, a total of 95,02% of users (from the countries in orange) are “satisfied” with ARABERM, which shows that the project has largely attained its objective of 75%. Moreover, 58, 09 % of the users (representing four out of the five Arab countries) are “very satisfied” with ARABTERM and say that it has “very much facilitated their work on technical texts”.

The above results are based on a preliminary monitoring phase, and future evaluations are planned at biannual stages.

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