Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALECSO)

Who are we?
The Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (Alecso) is a specialised agency having its headquarters in Tunis. The organisation, which works within the Arab League, is mainly concerned with enhancing and coordinating educational, cultural and scientific activities in the Arab world. Alecso was officially announced in Cairo on 25 July 1970.

Why Alecso?
According to Article 1 of its constitution, Alecso was set up to bring about unity of the Arab thought between countries of the Arab world through education, culture and sciences and enhance the cultural level so as to keep up with universal civilisation and contribute to it.

22-member family
Alecso includes 22 member states. Its organisational chart is made up of several local administrations and the following external bodies:
- Institute of Arab Research and Studies (Cairo),
- Institute of Arab Manuscripts (Cairo),
- Bureau of Coordination of Arabization (Rabat),
- Khartoum International Arabic Language Institute,
- The Arab Centre for Arabization, Translation, Authorship and Publication (Damascus).

Effective contribution to the movement of Arabisation
Alecso has attached particular importance to Arabisation giving it priority in its plans and activities. Indeed the organisation has taken part in the field of Arabisation of scientific and technical terms thanks to the efforts made by the Bureau of Coordination of Arabization in Rabat which publishes a series of dictionaries including unified Arab terms in many exact and human sciences in different fields of technology. Prior to 2010, 50 dictionaries have been published in different fields, and were approved by the Conferences of Arabization which have representatives from all Arab countries.