Legal Notice / Terms of Use

1. Use of ARABTERM
The private and professional use of services on (in short: 'ARABTERM') is free of charge. It is forbidden to offer these services to a third party against a fee.

2. Liability

2.1. Contents of ARABTERM
This website and the services provided thereon have been carefully researched and diligently compiled. Nevertheless, BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) does not accept any liability or give any guarantee for the validity, accuracy, quality and completeness of the information provided on the website, nor for the accuracy of the contents or the translations of technical terminology and descriptions.
BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) assumes no legal liabilities for damages caused directly or indirectly by the use of this website with the exception of proven intentional or grossly negligent conduct on the side of BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ).
BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) specifically reserves the right to modify, amend, or delete sections of this website or the entire range of services provided on the website without prior notice, or to cancel the publication of or the services provided on the website temporarily or permanently.

2.2. Contents provided by third partiesThis site contains links to third-party web sites. The linked sites are not under the control of BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) is not responsible for the contents of any linked site or any link contained in a linked site. Please notify the ARABTERM team (hyperlink to email template) of links which you perceive to have illegal content.

BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) bears no responsibility for comments made or posted by third parties in our discussion forums. The responsibility for these expressions of opinion lies exclusively with the user posting the information. If you are of the opinion that illegal content is being posted on our forums, we ask you to notify the ARABTERM team accordingly. (Please see the notice on the forum guidelines)

3. Data protection
All data recorded in a log file of each user's access to this website (name of file retrieved, date and time of retrieval, volume of data transmitted, notification whether data retrieval was successful, IP address of the computer being used) is evaluated strictly for internal statistical purposes and will not be forwarded to any third party.

4. Rights of usage
Insofar as no other author or rights owner is specifically named, all rights of usage and other trademark rights on the entire content of this website (including texts, photos, graphic depictions, audio files, video files and animation files and designs) as well as the software developed for this online service, the databases and other information contained on the website are held by the Arabisation Coordination Bureau (BCA/ALECSO, formerly GIZ).
Any use of the software, data or other information except in the form they are presented and made possible on is strictly prohibited. In particular, it is forbidden to systematically or automatically retrieve information per script or any other automated method.

4.1. Development of toolbars / plug-ins / applets and the like
The development of toolbars / plug-ins / applets and the like (hereinafter: 'Tools') for  internet browsers that are designed to directly access the information on ARABTERM may not be conducted without the prior written consent from GIZ. Only Tools whose development has been authorized by BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) may be integrated into internet browsers to access the services provided on ARABTERM. A Tool will only be authorised if  ARABTERM names it and if it delivers our results as  they are shown upon entry on

4.2. Links to ARABTERM
A link to the services provided on ARABTERM is authorised insofar as the link in fact leads directly to ARABTERM, and as long as the linked website contains no illegal or pornographic contents. The website must link directly to '' and the accessed website must be displayed as the only content in the browser window.

4.3. Integrating an ARABTERM search mask into other websites
BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) allows search masks to be linked to the content in ARABTERM, if:
- ARABTERM is named in the search mask and the search field clearly indicates that the search is of the ARABTERM dictionary,
- the results page of a query shown is not modified (if necessary in another browser window, however not in a frame of the linked website).

5. Forum rules
The forum allows you to exchange information and ideas with other users. It gives you the opportunity to discuss aspects concerning language, content and specialised terms of each topic area. Comments, questions, translation suggestions and all other topics concerning the Technical Dictionary are welcome.

By using the search function of the entire dictionary, you can also find relevant forum postings in addition to the queried term. The search function within the forum allows you to search the individual forum postings.

You can directly answer other users' postings or begin a new thread. Before you begin a new discussion, please use the forum search function to check whether a corresponding discussion has already been initiated. If this is not the case, go to the forum homepage and click on the heading of the appropriate category. You can begin a new discussion by clicking on the 'Begin new topic' button. Forum postings concerning terms in the dictionary should have the corresponding term in the heading to make it easier for other users to find the posting.

Each user who enters a posting in the forum irreversibly gives his or her consent to the publication of the posting. There is no entitlement to publication, however.

The postings must be relevant to the topic area in question, and the tone of writing must be objective, respectful and polite. Of course, objective criticism is allowed. However, abusive criticism or character attacks are not allowed.

Moreover, postings that violate the established legal framework, such as postings with insulting, racist, or pornographic content, which glorify violence or infringe on copyright laws, and spam postings etc. are not allowed. We reserve the right to delete from the forum postings that violate these rules.

Commercial advertising is not allowed in the forum! Threads and/or postings with the recognizable intention of clear promotion will be deleted without prior warning.

Please immediately notify the ARABTERM team of links which you perceive to have illegal or dubious content.

BCA/ALECSO (formerly GIZ) reserves the right to edit or delete postings without notice and to modify the forum rules.